Our Story

Mykonos Best is a most prominent property management agency operating in Mykonos, Athens, London and Ibiza. We are highly specialized in housing and professional real estate.

We are able and dedicated to provide a vast range of services related to real estate, taking advantage of our established network of agents and managers, who are ready to cover every need. The properties under our management comprise a large variety of houses and villas, suited for different needs and thus customers. We are in a position to offer services of the highest quality that satisfy all requirements and specifications, for every potential real estate investor.

Having been working successfully in the real estate business for the past decade, we possess the necessary experience and expertise to advice and help anyone who is interested in investing on real estate property make the right choice, as we provide every service related to this particular business sector.

Our clientele includes business executives, diplomatic missions, governmental delegates and large portfolio investors within Greece or abroad.

Our collaborators in Mykonos enjoy a big circle of contacts, which assures for successful results, so much with regard to find the most suitable real estate property for every future investor. Furthermore, our contacts also make us capable of enlarging any chosen or selected property, as we are in a place to know all surroundings of the most remarkable properties in the area. Concurrently, our company has become revered in the Island for its customer-tailored, personalized VIP services, a fact which over the years has helped continuously attract more and more high profile clients.

The key to our success has been the overall outstanding customer satisfaction, which in turn builds customer loyalty to our company. Therefore, once clients have the chance to work with us, they are bound to choose us again, should they desire to reinvest in real estate. For all the above, we contend that our company deserves to be the first choice of each potential real estate investor in Mykonos, Athens London and Ibiza.

We are proud to state that our drive and commitment to be as efficient as possible, whilst achieving only the best results and working to the highest standards has led us to this recognition. Our determination and passion, added to our network and contacts, ensure the highest quality of real estate and property management services.

Natasa-Anastasia Rizou
Natasa-Anastasia Rizou